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"BANATAN (1998) PINOY DivX NoSubs Tagalog WingTip"

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Category: Movies > Asian
Date: 2008-12-01 11:17:00
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  Banatan (1998) 

Director Uro Q. dela Cruz 
Categories A-E, Rated-R 
Movie Time Unknown 
Language Filipino 
Release Date 12/01/1998 
Starring Ara Mina, Jomari Yllana 

In Banatan Jomari Yllana plays a rookie cop member of a special action force who gets set-up on the rotten and fouled up robout perpetrated by crooked veteran cops going after gangland money slashed away a dope syndicate. Jomari soon finds out that idealism becomes a deadly thing to have in aworld ridden with corruption and greed. 

Specially as the Mike Gayoso-lad retinue of cop crooks acour the concrete jungle in their rapid search for the milliions in Jomari's hands. As he goes into hiding in a seedy inner city tenement safehouse he meets Ara Mina, A bank teller who leads a double life as a gold digging charmer and shopping freak. Trouble doubles when Ara finds out about and entertains thoughts of getting her hands on life money bag in Jomari's safekeeping.