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 Here for your perusal and scholarly-type e-study are the full contents of the Ciscokits.com CCNA Lab Workbook.  This is the paid version I have uploaded for use only as a backup.  I *HIGHLY* recommend, if you haven't already, going over to http://www.ciscokits.com/ and purchasing one of their Lab Workbooks, or at least seeing some of the other paid and free content they have on their site.

(Synapsis from Ciscokits.com)

Passing the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification exam is difficult enough if you are fully prepared by attending a Cisco CCNA class with an instructor and you have access to all the proper books and equipment.  But what happens when you go home as it is not reasonable for you to retain all that information you would have been exposed to in a one week boot camp.  You will need to setup a CCNA lab in your home or work to really absorb all those concepts and cement them into your brain through actual hands-on application.  This is where our CCNA Lab Workbook can help you!

Our CCNA Lab Workbook was designed with the knowledge that most of our customers can’t afford a large lab.  Some people can only afford the bare minimum two router lab.  Other people may have a larger budget that will accommodate three Cisco routers and three Cisco switches or more in their lab.  But no matter what the size of your lab, you need to have some sort of lab guide to help you along in your CCNA studies.  

That is exactly why we created our generic CCNA Lab Workbook.  It will provide you access to 60 different CCNA labs.  Some of these labs will be able to be completed on a single router, some will require two routers and other labs will require all the way up to four or more routers.  Does this mean if you only have two routers in your CCNA lab that this lab workbook is of no value to you and that you can't do all the labs?  Definitely not!  It will still be able to help you in your lab studies.  You will note that some of the labs such as the three router RIP lab can also be performed with only two routers.  What will you lose?  Obviously the extra set of routes the third router would have produced.  So you can just ignore that portion of the lab.

So if you set your expectations properly, we think you will be very happy with this CCNA Lab Workbook.  There is no way we could write a lab workbook knowing exactly what equipment will be in your lab or how many pieces you will have in your lab.  But it was written as generically as possible to accommodate most CCNA lab scenarios.  We even took the extra time to include a handy interface cross reference chart. What is that you might ask?  Let's say the lab was written with a Cisco 2501 router in mind.  It tells you to configure E0 on the Cisco 2501 router.  But you have a Cisco 2620 router.  When you type in E0 the router does not recognize the port.  Why?  Well your syntax is incorrect.  So then you look up in our handy interface cross reference chart and you see that the syntax for a 2620 Ethernet port is fa0/0.  Now you are back on your way to configuring your CCNA lab!

Finally, we have had many requests by customers who can't wait and just want to just download a copy of the Lab Workbook or they want to preview the Lab Workbook.  Well, we now offer a preview version of the Lab Workbook which you can download and view some of the labs and chapters.  It is available at this link CCNA Lab Workbook eBook Download Keep in mind, if you order the download version, you do not get a physical copy of the book.  You only get a physical copy of the book if you order it from the page you are on now.

Below you will find a listing of how many Cisco routers or Cisco switches are needed per lab to fully complete them.  

Number of labs requiring only one router – 7

Number of labs requiring two routers – 11

Number of labs requiring three routers – 19

Number of labs requiring four routers – 4

Number of labs requiring one or more switches - 8

This 225 page Cisco CCNA Self-Study Lab Workbook will walk you through 60 different CCNA lab scenarios. That comes out to fifty cents per lab!  What a deal!  Below you will find a list of all the labs covered: 

Chapter 1        Let’s Get Started!
Lab 1-1      Identifying Router Components and Accessories                                   
Lab 1-2      Connect a PC to a Cisco Switch or Router                                           
Chapter 2        Password Recovery Procedure
Lab 2-1      Cisco 2500 Series Router Password Recovery                         
Chapter 3        Configuring Static Routes
Lab 3-1      Configuring Static Routes and Verifying Connectivity Lab A      
Lab 3-2      Configuring Static Routes and Verifying Connectivity Lab B       
Lab 3-3      Test Your Static Route Configuration Skills Lab                                    
Chapter 4        Configuring Routers using the RIP Protocol
Lab 4-1      Basic RIP Configuration                                                                        
Lab 4-2      Passive Interface Configuration                                                 
Lab 4-3      RIP Timer Configuration                                                                       
Chapter 5        Configuring Routers using the IGRP Protocol
Lab 5-1      Configuring IGRP and Verifying Connectivity Lab A                  
Lab 5-2      Configuring IGRP and Verifying Connectivity Lab B                  
Lab 5-3      Test Your IGRP Configuration Skills Lab                                              
Chapter 6        RIP & IGRP Culmative Scenarios
Lab 6-1      Configuring RIP, IGRP, Default Routes and Testing                               
Lab 6-2      Test Your IGRP Static Route, RIP & IGRP Skills Lab              
Chapter 7        Configuring Routers using the EIGRP Protocol
Lab 7-1      Configuring EIGRP and Verifying Connectivity Lab A               
Lab 7-2      Configuring EIGRP and Verifying Connectivity Lab B                
Lab 7-3      Complex EIGRP Configuration Lab                                                      
Lab 7-3A   Enabling EIGRP on a Backbone Router                                                
Lab 7-3B   Configuring EIGRP in an NBMA Environment                          
Lab 7-3C   Creating a Frame Relay Switch in an EIGRP Environment                     
Chapter 8        Configuring Routers using the OSPF Protocol
Lab 8-1      Configuring OSPF and Verifying Connectivity Lab                                
Lab 8-2      Configuring OSPF Priority                                                                    
Lab 8-3      Configuring OSPF and Verifying Connectivity Lab B                 
Chapter 9        Configuring 1900 Catalyst Switches
Lab 9-1      Managing the 1900 Switch                                                                    
Lab 9-2      1900 Switch Operations                                                                       
Lab 9-3      Creating VLANs                                                                                  
Lab 9-4      Assigning VLANs to Switch Ports                                                        
Lab 9-5      Configuring Trunking                                                                               
Lab 9-6      Configuring VTP                                                                                   
Lab 9-7      Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing with ISL                                            
Chapter 10      Configuring 2950 Catalyst Switches
Lab 10-1    Configuring VLANs                                                                              
Lab 10-2    Configuring Swithport Security                                                  
Chapter 11      Configuring PPP and Chap
Lab 11-1    Configuring PPP and Chap                                                                   
Chapter 12      Configuring Access Lists and VTY Access
Lab 12-1    Configuring Standard Access Lists                                                        
Lab 12-2    Configuring Extended Access Lists                                                       
Lab 12-3    Configuring VTY Access                                                                      
Chapter 13      Configuring Network Address Translation
Lab 13-1    Static Inside Source Address Translation                                               
Lab 13-2    Dynamic Inside Source Address Translation                                          
Lab 13-3    Overloading an Inside Global Address                                      
Chapter 14      Configuring a Frame Relay Switch
Lab 14-1    Configuring a Frame Relay Switch Lab A                                              
Lab 14-2    Configuring a Frame Relay Switch Lab B                                              
Lab 14-3    Configuring Frame Relay with OSPF                                                     
Lab 14-4    Configuring Frame Relay with Virtual Links                                           
Chapter 15      Configuring IPSec 
Lab 15-1    Configuring an IPSec Tunnel                                                                 
Chapter 16      Installing & Configuring Security Device Manager(SDM)
Lab 16-1    Installing Security Device Manager                                                        
Lab 16-2    Configuring Security Device Manager                                        
Lab 16-3    Configuring DHCP with Security Device Manager                                 
Chapter 17      Configuring IPv6 on a router with RIP
Lab 17-1    Configuring IPv6 on a router with RIP                                       
Chapter 18      Configuring Redistribution of Routing Protocols
Lab 18-1    Redistribution of RIP, IGRP and OSPF                                                
Lab 18-2    Redistribution of EIGRP and OSPF                                                      
Lab 18-3    Redistribution of OSPF over Frame Realy                                             
Chapter 19      Configuring BGP
Lab 19-1    Configuration of BGP                                                               
Chapter 20      Challenge Configurations
Lab 20-1    Basic Crossover Configuration                                                  
Lab 20-2    Creating a Bridge                                                                                  
Lab 20-3    IGRP Configuration                                                                              
Lab 20-4    Frame Relay Configuration                                                                    
Lab 20-5    LAT Configuration                                                                                
Lab 20-6    Configuring a Tunnel                                                                             
Lab 20-7    Configuring Hot Standby Routing Protocol                                            
Lab 20-8    Load Balancing WAN Links                                                                 
Appendix A          Cisco Router Command List                                     
Appendix B          Router Interface Summary