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Date: 2009-10-04 16:42:08
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It's HIGHLY reccomended to carefully read the indications below: This is a Counter-Strike 1.6 modification, client protocol 48, featuring zbot version imported from Condition Zero. The skins are modified in proportion of 100%. The v models of the weapons are ported (not by me) from cs:s, and the p and w models are the default ones, with the difference that i skinned them with cs:s textures. The player models are also inspired from cs source. Custom wad texture files, providing realistic effects like bullet holes and explosion marks on the ground were added, as well as new blood decals. I adapted the VGUI images to match the skins, and the muzzleflashes are imported directly from counter-strike source. There are many more changes, which i will let you discover yourself! Overall, i tried to balance the looks and the performance and i can guarantee minimum 60 frames per second on graphic chipsets as poor as Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440! The CD features: * Counter-Strike 1.6 Source Style No-Steam v3.1 Protocol 48 - patch v23b included * Counter-Strike 1.6 Source Style v3.1 on Steam! - it was tested under XP and Vista and works perfectly! * A High Detail Source Skins Pack, which contains skins ported directly from cs:s and wich you may install over CS1.6 Source Style OR over Steam! I put it separately so that you can install it if you have superior graphic chipset * Half-Life 2 skins for Half-Life 1! Notes: * The custom cs1.6 has high detail kill icons that require the 1024x768 resolution - you are strongly advised to set the resolution to 1024x768, otherwise the frag icons will intersect and result in a nasty look * It works 100% on LAN gameplay, no consistency errors for p models (provided that the host uses the default no-steam client or cs1.6 source style) * If you install the High Detail Skin Pack, neither the LAN gameplay will not be possible, nor with bots, because of the consistency errors that it causes * In order to return to the initial skins (eliminate the high detail skins), you should reinstall the steam patch from the CD * The Steam variant will be installed following this path: X:...SteamsteamappsAccount Namecounter-strike; it cannot be uninstalled * The High Detail Skin Pack will be installed following these paths: No-Steam - X:...Counter-Strike 1.6 Source Style Steam - X:...SteamsteamappsAccount Namecounter-strike * This product should not under any circumstances be sold or rented! It is made up of public files downloaded for free over the internet and it should stay that way! * Thanks to : Valve * Contact : ceferistul_05@yahoo.com ENJOY!