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Date: 2009-09-10 12:28:53
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Hot Wheels Velocity X -September 2002

System Requirements
Before you install Hot Wheels(tm) Velocity X, you should make sure that your computer
meets the following hardware and software requirements. You should have:

Minimum Spec
1. A Pentium II 350 PC or higher
2. A 8x CD-ROM drive or higher
3. 550 megabytes of hard disk space available
4. 64 megabytes of RAM or higher
5. A Sound Blaster compatible sound card
6. Color Monitor
7. Keyboard
8. Microsoft Windows 98, ME or Windows XP (Note Windows 95 and Windows 2000 are not supported)
9. DirectX 8.1b Compatible AGP Video Card with 16megs of VRAM

Recommended Spec
1. A Pentium III 500 PC or higher
2. 128 megabytes of RAM or higher
3. DirectX 8.1b Compatible AGP Video Card with 32megs of VR

Known Issues

The following machines have known problems and will not run Hot Wheels(tm) Velocity X

Hewlett-Packard Pavilion\'s running Windows XP with the VIA Tech VT8361/VT8601
Graphics Controller. These Video Controllers have 4 or 8 megs of ram and are
therefore under the minimum spec.

Screen Savers

If you have enabled a password protected screen saver while running Windows XP,
the screen saver will interrupt gameplay. To prevent this you should turn off
your password protected screen saver before starting the game.

ASUS AGP V6800 32mb video card

There is a known problem with this card when you set the game resolution to a higher
setting then your desktop resolution. The windows task bar is visible. To avoid
this problem make sure you do not set the screen resolution to a setting higher
then your desktop resolution.

Matrox Parhelia 128MB

There are known issues with the Matrox Parhelia card. The game will run but only in
Windows Mode. This issue may be solved with update drivers. Please check for the
latest Parhelia drivers if you are experiencing any problems.

Display Options

If you are experiencing problems with the opening movies, you can disable movies through
the \"Disable Movies\" options inside the Display Options. This may fix your problem.

USB Controllers

The game only supports one USB controller plugged in at any one time. If there are two
or more USB controllers plugged in, it is possible that none of the controllers will
respond to user input.

USB Steering wheels

There is a known issue of unplugging a USB steering wheel controller during gameplay, which
results in the controller no longer responding to user input.

Technical Notes and Troubleshooting
Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video/sound card.
Microsoft(r) provides a utility to get DirectX(r) and driver information and a
link to this program has been installed on the Start Menu.

Check the card manufacturer\'s website for driver updates.

Here are the websites for some of the more common video cards:

This Game comes with triner.