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"Pakistani Comedy Stage Play(BADDA MAZA AYE GA)~blacksgdhawk"

Size: 563 MB
Category: Video > Other
Date: 2010-12-12 11:28:38
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Pakistani Comedy Stage Play(BADDA MAZA  AYE GA)~blacksgdhawk

Cast: Qawi Khan,Sohail Ahmed,Aman Ullah,Mastana,Saleem Sheikh,etc....

Hi All,
     This is a quite old comedy stage play without the element of dance vulgarity n obscenity to catch the audience,s eye. As u can guess from the cast this is one of the finest stage play of all times with these actors at the top of their careers. This is the 1st of my upload in old plays which u can enjoy wid ur families as its good script nice jokes plenty of good situational comedy and a moral lesson of course in the end.
If u can understand punjabi and want to lay off ur tensions for a couple of hourse this is definitely wat u should watch.....i hope their ll be comments here after u watch this show.

"Plz dont forget to seed wen u r done"


Stay Blessed...

Note: Its a VHS rip so Quality is above average and format is mpg if u need to install any codecs for that.but sound quality is great and thats wat matters in it.