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"Foxit_PDF_Creator_3.0.2.0506 +keyfile -TrT"

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Category: Software > Windows
Date: 2010-05-19 15:21:19
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 Foxit PDF Creator
Full version with License key

Foxit PDF Creator gets even better with the additions of these exciting new features. 
File Security Supports password and certificate encryption - protect sensitive 
PDF documents to prevent loss of valuable company information.

Configure the security settings in the Foxit PDF printer properties to control 
access to PDF documents. Streamline the workflow to create encrypted PDFs. 
Setting Document Information Add document information for converted PDF documents, 
including titles, subjects, author, creator and keywords. 

With Foxit PDF Creator you can also edit document's metadata to archive and search 
PDFs with ease. Headers and Footers Add headers or footers for PDF pages. Choose font, 
size and color of the text with ease, as well as set display position of headers and 
footers in a PDF file. Watermark Add watermark to PDF documents.

Use either text or image as the watermark. Rotating and setting the transparency of the 
image are also supported. Watermarking is an ideal tool to stamp a document 
such as Draft or Confidential.

Here are some key features of "Foxit PDF Creator":

Search ability:
· Many PostScript-driver based PDF creation tools create PDFs without character 
encoding information. Therefore it's not possible to do a search in the resulted PDFs. 
Even though you can look at all those characters, you can't search them. 
Foxit PDF Creator retain all character encoding information, so you can search it, 
extract it, and convert back to pure text document.

Display and process efficiency:
· Many PDF creation tools break text contents into individual characters, causing some 
performance issues for displaying and processing. Foxit PDF Creator groups texts with 
similar "display attributes" together, which improves performance when the PDF gets d
isplayed or processed.

File size:
· Many PDF creation tools require all or many fonts to be embedded with the PDF file, 
resulting in bigger file size for the PDF. Foxit PDF Creator can reduce the file size 
for many documents.

· Many PDF creation tools adopt a two phase creation procedure: first print to PostScript language, 
then convert to PDF, not only is some information lost during the process, but it also takes more time. 
Foxit PDF Creator directly creates PDFs from any printing application fastest among all current 
PDF creation tools.

· Many PDF creation tools don't handle complicated Windows drawing features like transparency 
and the generated PDFs are not identical to the original documents. Foxit PDF Creator processes 
all Windows drawing functions so your PDF is always same as your original document.

As developer of popular Foxit Reader, Foxit Software knows PDF standard very well. 
This ensures that PDFs created by Foxit PDF Creator will have the best result in any standard PDF reader.

Install Notes:
1) unpack rar archive
2) Run installer, (choose FoxitPDFCreator302_enu_Setup.exe for 32Bit or FoxitPDFCreator302_x64_enu_Setup.exe 64 Bit)
3) Copy/paste the keyfile into registration box when asked