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"I Oxens Tecken / I tyrens tegn (1974)"

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Date: 2008-01-13 05:48:45
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I Oxens Tecken / I tyrens tegn (1974)

Poul Bundgaard , Gina Janssen , Ole Søltoft , Karl Stegger , Søren Strømberg , Benny Hansen , Kate Mundt , Andre Chazel , Lee Fong Wong

An eccentric count, fond of spying on girls at the beach from his Rolls while attended by two young female servants, is overcome by the excitement of the sights he is seeing and what the black servant is doing to him. His will insists that if one of the women in the town doesn't give birth to a baby within a specified time, the town will be taxed for the first time. Other conditions of the will stipulate that his two servants should make lesbian love together. All this sets up a situation where the young females of the town wish to learn how to attract men. They get lessons in this art from Carola (Lone Helmer), hence the French title. But Carola turns out to be the one who is first to give birth. All a fine excuse for lots of raunchy goings on.

this movie had more than 10 titles in each european language, so i might have got some of the info wrong.