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"Jenna Jameson fucked by Rocco Siffredi . . . (steaming!)"

Size: 165 MB
Category: Other > Movie clips > Porn
Date: 2008-09-13 18:31:26
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Jenna Jameson fucked by Rocco Siffredi Direct screens: (large) http://image100.blogbugs.org/3783436/Jenna-Jameson-fucked-by-Rocco-Siffredi---large-screens.html Starring: Jenna Jameson & Rocco Siffredi From `Jenna Loves Rocco` (1996) Scene synopsis: Rocco gets to suck on Jenna's tits and later her pussy at the beginning of the scene.There's some short 69 action before Rocco enters her while on her side. Rocco and Jenna leave the bed and have sex in a swing type contraption for abit.Next some standing doggie style sex which is the same position they engage in as they head back to the bed. The sex continues till Rocco gets ready and pulls out cumming all over Jenna's face and mouth. Content: Classic, Big tits, BDSM, Foot, Latex, Fetish, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Anilingus, Doggy, Cumshot, Facial Duration: 18:04 mins. Language: English Format : wmv Review #1 This is a balls-to-the-wall hot scene! I wondered how Jenna could possibly survive the onslaught of a Rocco lovefest, and the first thing she does is tie him up. Aha, we think, Jenna is in control! She teases Rocco mercilessly with her succulent tits and forces him to suck her toes. She even proffers her tight little anal rosebud to Rocco - and seems genuinely taken aback when he slams his tongue inside! Ha Ha Jenna - since Rocco's tongue is bigger than Ed Powers or Max Hardcore's penis - I think this qualifies as an anal! Review #2: Upstairs, Jenna, clad in long latex gloves, has Rocco and his back and is all over him like scandal on a politician. She ties him down to her bed. (Yeah, twist my fucking arm a little harder and I might go for that.) Jenna is quite the sight, teasing and kissing her captive seductively as her clothes come off slowly. She takes special care to remover her shoes slowly and feed Rocco her feet, so fetishists be on the lookout for some stocking and toe sucking. The long tease, does have a great pay off however, as Jenna gets her lovely mouth around Rocco's huge cock and starts to go to town. Very impressive 69 scene with Jenna sucking much of him into her mouth in between boisterous moans from having her sweet pussy licked. A pussy this tight looks like it would split from a cock like Rocco's, but several insertion shots show that Jenna can take it. Take it she does, as Rocco is untied and free to fuck her with all the force he can manage, and we all know that is a great deal. Some very hot sex here, no doubt about it, Jenna and Rocco have something together that is great to watch. For those of you who like a little bit of acrobatics, the tryst in the swing ought to do it. Lots of great doggy and Jenna begging for a face full of cum which Rocco gladly gives her finishes off this very hot scene. .