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"Laure Sainclair"

Size: 14.6 GB Category: Video > Porn Date: 2008-12-06 03:12:10
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Laure Sainclair MegaPack Marc Dorcel 1996-2000 XXXEntre femmesYear: 1999Director: Michel Ricaud, Marc Dorcel, Serge de BeaurivageRuntime: 1 h 25 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Babeth, Beatrice Valle, Carolyn Monroe, Chloe, Coralie, Debbie, Deborah Wells, Diana, Draghixa, Erika Bella, Gyn Seng, Jeanna Fine, Joy Karin's, Karen Lancaume, Keisha, Lea Martini, Linda Thoren, Maeva, Olivia Del Rio, Tracey Adams, Zara WhitesResume: Histoire de femmes qui aiment les femmes et qui le montrent sans ambiguite, «Entre Femmes» a ete compose a partir des meilleures scenes lesbiennes issues de onze films de Marc Dorcel et signees des plus grands realisateurs.IllusionsYear: 1998Director: Alain PayetRuntime: 1 h 33 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Fovea, Eva Falk, Dolly Golden, Roberto Malone, Chipy Marlow, Jade, Holly, Kevin Long, David Perry, Philippe Soine, Andrew YoungmanResume: The star-turn of the great Zirco's performance is when he hypnotizes some attractive young lady in the audience and persuades her to undress in public. Moreover, when a skeptical young girl reporter calls him a charlatan, he uses of hypnotic suggestion to make a bitch of her and make love to her...Journal d'une infirmiereYear: 1998Director: Michel BarnyRuntime: 1 h 40 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Karen Lancaume, Lea Martini, Orlane, Cassandra, Reinhardt, H.P.G., Mike Foster, David PerryResume: Hired as a nurse in a wealthy family, Laure is in charge of her boss, an idle good looking woman. What they all ignore is that Laure is a very imaginative person who fills her erotic daydreams and fantasies with members of the family and with her craziest desires.L'amour de LaureYear: 1996Director: Christoph ClarkRuntime: 1 h 21 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Erika Bella, Anita Blond, Donisz, Ferenc, Mike Foster, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Illana Moore, Dina Pearl, Regina, Kristina Schwartz, Kristina Swarcz, Vivienne, Zsolt Walton, Andy Youngman, Jean Yves Le CastelResume: Angel or sex fiend? Laure Sainclair doesn't limit herself to setting fire of lechery to her consenting victims. She participates in their sexual games and amply benefits by the bunch of perverse storms she started.L'Empreinte du viceYear: 1998Director: Marc DorcelRuntime: 2 h 00 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Maeva, Judit, Karen Lancaume, Eva Falk, Roberto Malone, Philippe Dean, Philippe Soine, Alex Mantegna, Alex SchifferResume: Although he got married to pretty Laure, Philip keeps on regularly frequenting "Le Domaine des Biches", a luxury whorehouse, strongly managed by Maeva, a statuesque beauty. When she happens to find out her husband's secret, Laure decides to enhance her love knowledge in becoming one of Maeva's girls...L'Heritage de LaureYear: 1999Director: Christoph ClarkRuntime: 1 h 25 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Anita Blond, Monika, Bernadette, Aniko, Regina, Andrews Broves, Andrea Nannetti, Victoria Queen, Jolt WaltonResume: Setting up a "close encounter" with the very sexy girls of a whorehouse she had just inherited, Laure starts improving their sexual know-how and behaviour. She preaches by example with her bodyguard, with selected clients and even with the former owner's widow in a friendly lesbian affair.L'Indecente aux enfersYear: 1996Director: Marс DorcelRuntime: 1 h 58 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Coralie, Anita Dark, Olivia del Rio, Karen Lancaume, Roberto Malone, Lea Martini, Bruno SX, Toni, Georgette, Karim, Groseille, Franck Cerrone, Philippe Dean, Francesco Malcolm, David Perry, Linda Thoren, Andrew YoungmanResume: The psychiatrist feels somewhat puzzled with this romantic young lady who reveals herself to be an arousing nymphomaniac. As the shameless daydreams she relates drive him mad by desire, he uses a Machiavelian trick to posess his beautiful patient.Year: 1996Director: Christoph ClarkRuntime: 1 h 30 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Christoph Clark, Anita Blond, Anita Dark, Clark, Nikita, Nadia Linden, Francesco Malcolm, Victoria Queen, Jolt Walton, Andrew YoungmanResume: In Budapest, famous psychiatrist Dr Clark is much appreciated by the fine looking female patient he cares, as he uses very special treatments to comply with their fantasy dreams. When his wife requests Laure SAINCLAIR to teach their son french language practice, it appears that the latter is much more eager of making love than studying.La fievre de LaureYear: 1998Director: Serge de BeaurivageRuntime: 1 h 22 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Christophe Clark, Sandra , H.P.G. , Roy Bridges, Marc Davis, Philippe Dean, Jenny Fields, Liza Harper, Jean Yves Lecastel, David Perry, Caroll Rouge, Diana Stevenson, Franck Versace, Eric WeissResume: “My name is Laure. My story really began at the age of eighteen when I was sharing a small suburban house with my sister Claudia. The first time I saw a couple making love...”This is how Laure’s burning confession starts, a young woman with an angel face and a pure heart, who will soon face the real things of life...La Princesse et la puteYear: 1996Director: Marc DorcelRuntime: 1 h 25 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Coralie , Elodie Cherie, Olivia Del Rio, Roberto Malone, Christophe Clark, Maeva, Eva Bond, Philippe Dean, Mike Foster, Roxanne Hall, Tanya La Riviere, Richard Langin, David Perry, Philippe SoineResume: As a consequence of a stupid bet, two powerful businessmen, the actual leaders of the Principality of San Clito, decide to swap sweet and pure Princess Sofia with Helga, the queen of sex, a nymphomaniac prostitute. Thrown out of the palace, romantic Sofia becomes a guest of the Blue Pussy, a luxury whorehouse, where she is exposed to the sexual fantasies of men who submit her to their lucious will. On the other side, Helga, the whore, who has a hard time understanding “good manners”, is suffering of her present poor sexual life, due to the etiquette. So, she decides to make a pilgrimage to the Blue Pussy where she meets... ex-princess Sofia...La Princesse et la pute 2Year: 1996Director: Marc DorcelRuntime: 1 h 17 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Coralie, Elodie Cherie, Olivia Del Rio, Roberto Malone, Christoph Clark, Maeva, Eva Bond, Philippe Dean, Mike Foster, Roxanne Hall, Tanya La Riviere, Richard Langin, David Perry, Philippe SoineResume: Helga, the whore (who had been put on the throne of San Clito by the Piroshki brothers, two shady businessmen), meets, at the “Blue Pussy”, unfortunate Princess Sofia that the two brothers had forced to become a prostitute.Contrary to all expectations, the two girls become friends. As they realize how both of them have been manipulated, they decide to join their efforts to revenge on the two awful individuals.While Helga excites their salacity and brings them to the “Blue Pussy”, Sofia, in disguise of “Cat Woman”, sneaks into their office...La Ruee vers LaureYear: 1997Director: Marc DorcelRuntime: 1 h 21 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Anita Dark, Olivia del Rio, Roberto Malone, Lea Martini, Christophe Clark, Hannah, Christina Black, Philippe Dean, Maria Glasgow, David Perry, Andrew YoungmanResume: As an unwilling resident in a house where everything looks fishy, Laure is initiated to the worse perversions and leads us into the special education she has to suffer from her hosts.LabyrintheYear: 1997Director: Alain PayetRuntime: 1 h 29 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Fovea, Erika Bella, Alban Ceray, Roberto Malone, Lea Martini, Silvia Saint, Bruno SX, Swanny , Thomas , Philippe Dean, Mike Foster, Robert Rosenberg, Hakam Serbes, Stephanie Silver, Philippe SoineResume: Lost in a dark forest, Laure enters an apparently deserted old cabin. But she suddenly finds herself in an oriental lounge where a so-called prince is buggering a voluptuous courtezan. As she escapes, she has to face an enraged clergyman...Le Contrat des angesYear: 1999Director: Marc DorcelRuntime: 1 h 32 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Fovea, Kate More, Bruno SX, Bianca, Vivienne, Anastasien, HPG, Rodolphe Antrim, Giancarlo Bini, Philippe Dean, Jennifer Dior, Nataly Dune, Maeva Exel, Maude Kennedy, Eric Le Roy, Kevin Long, Alain Payet, Anne Sophia, Dino ToscaniResume: Maltraitee par CLAUDE, son mari, qui la trompe sans vergogne avec sa meilleure amie, SOPHIE s’enfuit du domicile conjugal. Tombee en panne sur la route, elle est rejointe par une somptueuse limousine dont le proprietaire, la marquise FOSCARI, une jeune et superbe jeune femme, s’offre a l’heberger. Mais la philosophie cynique de la jeune femme intrigue Sophie qui devine un mystere. De fait, le coeur de la marquise cache un lourd secret. Au cours d’une promenade a cheval suivie de tendres ebats saphiques, elle confie a Sophie que sa soeur, qui habite la maison voisine, lui voue une haine sordide.Non contente de s’acharner a lui nuire, elle mene une vie de debauche et se livre, selon elle, a de repugnantes pratiques sexuelles.Le Contrat des anges 2Year: 2000Director: Marc DorcelRuntime: 1 h 27 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Silvia Saint, Fovea, Vivienne, Bianca, Rodolphe Antrim, Lisa Crawford, Aura de Palma, Philippe Dean, Nataly Dune, Bruno Lavud, Eric Le Roy, Kevin Long, Anne Sophia, Dino ToscaniResume: Fuyant un mari abusif, SOPHIE a trouve refuge chez la marquise FOSCARI. La, elle fait la connaissance de HALMEYDA, un noble argentin dont elle tombe amoureuse. Mais elle est encore mariee.C’est alors que la marquise lui propose un etrange marche : elles se charge d’eliminer le mari genant, en echange de quoi, Sophie devra a son tour, « executer » la s?ur de la marquise qui se vautre dans la luxure la plus ehontee et s’acharne a lui nuire. De fait, un soir, Sophie, dissimulee dans l’ombre, assiste a une veritable ceremonie orgiaque, que semble orchestrer une mysterieuse jeune femme masquee, ou les pratiques sexuelles les plus perverses se donnent libre cours. Au matin, la marquise apprend a Sophie.Le desir dans la peauYear: 1996Director: Marc DorcelRuntime: 1 h 39 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Kelly Trump, Coralie, Elodie Cherie, Olivia Del Rio, Roberto Malone, Christoph Clark, Penelope, Ava, Jean Yves LecastelResume: Abandonned by the only woman for him, Paul receives from an antique dealer a talisman which power is to make women turn crazy with lust. But each time Paul uses its magic power, the talisman, warrant of his virility, shrinks.Year: 1998Director: Marc DorcelRuntime: 1 h 45 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Cassandra, Eva Falk, Kathy Kash, Oceane, Matalana, Bruno Assix, David Perry, Mike Foster, Roberto Malone, Zenza RaggiResume: Laure caught her husband fornicating with a passing beauty. Deeply appalled, she comes under the influence of Matalana, a gorgeous voodoo sorceress.In the hope of making her unfaithful husband come back, Laure complies with the fantasy of perverse erotomaniac, under the eager and concupiscent glance of the witch...Les Nuits de la presidenteYear: 1997Director: Alain PayetRuntime: 1 h 39 minCast: Laure Sainclair, Coralie, Erika Bella, Elodie Cherie, Eva Falk, Roberto Malone, Bruno SX, Philippe Dean, Rikky Dix, Katy Kash, David Perry, John T.Resume: Having found out that the stylish chairwoman of a powerful organization turned into an attractive whore at night, a mysterious crippled man forces the young lady to comply with his most depraved sexual whims, under threat of divulging compromising snapshots.Sexe de feu coeur de glaceYear: 1998Director: Brad ArmstrongRuntime: 1 h 39 minCast: Laure Sinclair, Jenna Jameson, Jill Kelly, Jeanna Fine, Midori, Sindee Coxx, Nici Sterling, Mike Horner, Jake Steed, Brad Armstrong, Peter North, T.T. Boy, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur, Steve Drake, Eric PriceResume: Grace a une mysterieuse substance qu’elle a derobee dans un laboratoire de recherches, une inconnue, tres belle mais impitoyable (Laure SAINCLAIR) menace de congeler litteralement Los Angeles si la ville ne lui verse pas une rancon de 20 millions de dollars. Peu soutenue par les policiers municipaux, plus enclin a forniquer dans les bureaux qu’a traquer les malfaiteurs, Jenna (Jenna JAMESON), une justiciere provocante aux methodes expeditives et aux gadgets futuristes, se jure de mettre fin a ses agissements. Ce sera des lors une guerre sans merci entre les deux femmes dont la seduction et la sexualite ne seront pas les moindres armes... ____________ ,ad8888888888888888ba, ad88888888888888888888888a, a88888"8888888888888888888888, ,8888" "P88888888888888888888b, d88 `""P88888888888888888, ,8888b ""88888888888888, d8P''' ,aa, ""888888888b 888bbdd888888ba, ,I "88888888, 8888888888888888ba8" ,88888888b ,888888888888888888b, ,8888888888 (88888888888888888888, ,88888888888, d888888888888888888888, ,8 "8888888b 88888888888888888888888 .;8'""" (888888 8888888888888I"8888888P ,8" ,aaa, 888888 888888888888I:8888888" ,8" `b8d' (88888 Y8888888888I'888888P' ,8) 88888 `88888888I" 8888P' ,8") 88888 8888888I' 888" ,8" (._.) 88888 Y8888I" "88, ,8" ,8888P `888I' "P8 ,8" ____ ,88888) (88I' ",8" M""""""M ,888888' ,8I" ,8( "aaaa" ,8888888 ,8I' ,888a ,8888888) ,8I' ,888888, ,888888888 ,8I' ,8888888'`-===-'888888888',8I' ,8888888888, 888888888P8I' ,8""888888888a "88888888'8I ,8' 88888888888a, `P88888'8I ,8I `8888888888888a "P88'(8, ,8P' `88888888888888a ""I8bma,. 8I ,8P' "88888888888888a ""P8ma, (8, ,8d" `"8888888888888a, `"8a 8I ,8dP `88888) "888888b, . :8b (8 ,8dP' ,I ,88888 "888888, 8, 8) 8, 8dP' ,I 88888' 8, "88888 "8, ,8 8I 8P' ,I "888' `8, ,8888' "8,I8 I8, " ,I "88 `8,8888" "8I, `8I ,I' " `8"88' "8, 8I (8 ,aaa, 8 88, "8, ,8I 8I 88W88 8 "88 "8, d8I, I8 88M88 8 "8 ,8, 888I "8, """ 8 (88W 8888, I8, ,8I (88M ,8888I Pb, ,8'8, `8" d88888, Pb, ,8' `8, ,8" 888888I "Pa ,aP' `8, ,8" 8888888, `Iba. ,aP" `8a a8" 8888888I, "I8bmmmmmmdP" "8a ,8" (8888888I, """""" . "8mmmmP" __ __ _____ _ ________ ______ ____ ____ __| / |_ _| |/ / ____|___ / / / / / /| / | | | | ' /| |__ __) V / V / V / | |/| | | | | < | __| |__ < >< >< >< | | | |_| |_| . | |____ ___) / . / . / . |_| |_|_____|_|_______|____/_/ _/_/ _/_/ _